Texas Harmonica Festival and Blues in Schools

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    Harmonica instruction and lessons for houston -

    Harmonica lessons are the prefext gift for anyone wishing to learn to play harmonica!

    Houston Harmonica Lessons is the official sponsor to the Texas Harmonica Festival and Clinic that has featured performers and instructors well known in the blues industry like Adam Gussow, Ronnie Shellist, RJ Mischo, Rob Roy Parnell and many regional Texas performers. Founded by Houston based bluesman Sonny Boy Terry, we offer private harmonica lessons at Terry's home studio, lessons by Skype, as well as group lessons for educational institutions, hospitals, non profits, churches and corporate retreats. You may also purchase Christmas gift certificates customized to a special individual.  Sonny Boy Terry is a well known recording artist in blues making his own solo albums along with recording with such luminaries like Joe Guitar Hughes, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Rich Degrosso/Jonn Richardson, and former BB King band leader Calvin Owens. You can learn folk, blues, rock, country or even a few jazz stylings. Sonny Boy terry also plays guitar so if you wish to learn harmonica on a rack like Bob Dylan or Jimmy Reed, he can certainly guide you and help you reach your goals and dreams. Excellent for beginners or any age group from 8 to 80 or those with experience at any level. Terry has taught specifically at Hill Country Harmonica in northern Mississppi, School of the Woods in Houston, Project Row Houses, College of the Mainland, University of Houston, the Non profit Music Doing Good. As founder and former president of the Houston consulted and assisted in developing thier award winning blues in schools program and also worked as resident teacher at the private school Houston Outdoor Learning Academy (HOLA) for three consecutive years. For more information, please visit www.houstonharmonicalessons.com and remember you can provide a wonderful gift for someone who already has everything. To contact Houston harmonica lessons, feel free to email us at sbt@houstonharmonicalessons.com or simply give us a ring at 713.822.0437 or at our studios at 713.869.7746.

    This site was created by Houston blues harmonica, guitarist, vocalist, and recording artist stalwart Sonny Boy Terry to serve the greater Houston area for all things harmonica. Yes, it's true - there are meny fantastic harmonica sites on the web. The only thing we are trying to do different here is do it from, but not limited by, a Houston vantage point. Here, we hope someday you can find out anything and everything harmonica around Houston or beyond. We want to support anything harmonica here at Houston Harmonica Lessons.

    The primary focus is serving the greater Houston area as a source for private, corporate, educational or group harmonica lessons. Let's face it. Houston is a huge city and under represented in the harmonica world. Whether you are a total beginner or someone wanting to step up thier game wanting to play a better blues harmonica.  Here, we can teach anybody to play music while understanding a lot more about harmonica than you could have ever imagined..

    You can buy private lessons online, watch videos, listen to cool harmonica blues, check out historic pics, chime in, debate, or plug a gig on the message board, buy cds, books, tickets, and other things harmonica.

    Saving money buying online lessons via Skype -

    Students are now also able to do online video harmonica lessons over Skype for a huge pro rated discount. Now you can purchase lessons, on this web site through paypal and take your lessons never leaving your house. Convenient, ideally suited for a busy person or someone a long way from Sonny Boy terry studios. You can buy lessons at a low price of 50 dollarsan hour or two hours for 75 dollars. You may also purchase lessons by Skype 10 one hour lessons for 250 dollars. 

    Beautiful gift certificates available -

      Elegant holiday and birthday gift certificates are also available for a wonderful presentation for that special someone. Printed on your choise of 8.5X11 grey card stock or whitecloth resume paper or you can pay online and we will email you the certificate so you can print it out yourself saving time and money. We can provide your harmonicas and instructional guide too as part of a specially priced bundle with the lesson purchased. 

    the background -

    Terry is a full time professional blues harmonica player who cut his teeth performing and recording with the likes of Joe Guitar Hughes, Johnny Clyde Copeland, Jerry Lightfoot, and Calvin Owens the past thrty years. He has two excellent solo albums on the Austin boutique label Doc Blues Records
    www.docbluesrecords.com .

    Sonny Boy has produced and played on sound tracks for documentaries, played harmonica on jingles for commercials, worked as a session musician for blues, rock, folk and country records and produced serveral of his own albums. 
    Sonny Boy Terry performs with his top notch Texas blues band regularly all across the Texas gulf coast, the midwest, Europe and beyond.  He also works in a duo format regionally with renown mandolin playin' bluesman Rich Delgrosso and can even be seen occasionally with a harmonica on a neck rack while strumming a guitar emulating blues heros like Slim Harpo, Bob Dylan, Juke Boy Bonner and Jmmy Reed.

      why teach? enlightened self interest -

    Sonny Boy Terry has been teaching private harmonica lessons to people from all walks of life for over 25 years now in music stores,  in his home, or if needed, video conferencing or at other people's homes. He has taught continuing education courses at local community colleges on a frequent basis. Not to mention, Terry has even worked  as a teacher giving group lessons at churches, non profits and corporations such as Shell Oil at House of Blues and hotel conferences for team building. it started out as a way to support his art and lifestyle as an authentic bluesman. But soon Terry got serious about it because every day, it keeps him focused on making music, studying his craft so he can communicate it to others.

    Extremely comfortable and entertaining teaching in large groups like corporate conference environments with multi media or power point, in smaller workshops, school rooms or private one on one situations, Terry is experienced working with youth groups, retirees and everybody between. 

    "I find teaching extremely rewarding", says Terry. "I get to know people on a one on one basis and I get to know folks from all walks of life," he states. "I realize how deeply important it for many people to be able to learn how to make music, even if it's just for personal enjoyment as a hobby or mentoring someone to become a professional. I take that very seriously, but at the same time, I want to help them have fun and inspire them to put that effort in everyday"

    Feel free to click on the Sonny Boy Terry link here
    www.sonnyboyterry.com  to discover more about him. You can view youtube videos, historical photos, listen to his music online or purchase CDs or digital music.  

    Please vsit the rest of Houston Harmonica Lessons and join in on the fun. For questions, feel free to call anytime at 713.869.7746 or shoot us an email at


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